OmniArt in ACM TOMM

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Series: Early Phd Blog

Our favorite artistic dataset is published in ACM TOMM V.14 Issue 4, November 2018.

Baselines are the starting point of any quantitative multimedia research, and benchmarks are essential for pushing those baselines further. In this article, we present baselines for the artistic domain with a new benchmark dataset featuring over 2 million images with rich structured metadata dubbed OmniArt. OmniArt contains annotations for dozens of attribute types and features semantic context information through concepts, IconClass labels, color information, and (limited) object-level bounding boxes. For our dataset we establish and present baseline scores on multiple tasks such as artist attribution, creation period estimation, type, style, and school prediction. In addition to our metadata related experiments, we explore the color spaces of art through different types and evaluate a transfer learning object recognition pipeline.